New York cross stitch

So I’ve been working on a cross stitch project since last November, which sounds like a ridiculously long time but there are over 4400 stitches and it’s slightly over A3 size.  Maybe if I worked on it all day, every day then it might have been finished by now, but sadly I can’t craft full-time so it’s still a work in progress.

The pattern is Heather Galler’s New York skyline and is supposed to look like this when finished;

imagescopyright Heather Galler

So here’s my progress updates for the last few months, I’ve got quite a lot further with my stitching as I’ve been making a dedicated effort to stitch every day, and I’m pleased with progress.  Originally I thought I might have it complete by Christmas but I think I’ll aim for Easter next year instead and add it to my ever growing list of 2014 aims.  Is it too early to have a 2014 list?  Since all the Christmas gifts are in the shops I think I can start planning for next year!








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