Baking bread

I’ve always wanted to bake my own bread. I like the idea of making all my meals from fresh ingredients and being self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables. This summer I managed to successfully grow carrots, spinach, rocket and turnip so next year I’m expanding my gardening attempts. After buying a bread recipe book a few months ago from a discount book store I finally got round to gathering up all the ingredients.
I started with an unsalted Tuscan loaf, which only needed flour, water, olive oil and a sachet of yeast to make.  Here’s what the mix looked like;


Kneading the dough was actually quite therapeutic although I did use a lot of flour for dusting to try to avoid ending up with most of the dough over my fingers! I was a bit concerned about the cooking instructions as there didn’t seem to be a shorter cooking time for fan ovens so I took the loaf out 5 minutes early. This meant that the bottom edge of the bread was a little doughy still so I’ll know for next time to trust my oven not to burn the loaf.

The finished Tuscan unsalted loaf

The finished Tuscan unsalted loaf

Next up I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try out a cheese filled bread. I substituted grana padano cheese for the pecorino suggested as my local supermarkets seemed to have every cheese in the world except pecorino! Again the recipe was fairly straightforward, the dough was simply split in 2 and rolled out with the cheese added in the middle. Next time I make this bread I’ll add more cheese in, I didn’t spread the cheese far enough out in the loaf so it was mostly concentrated in the middle. The end results was delicious though and I think it would work well sliced with some cold meats for lunch.



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